Metal Balcony / Staircase Panels

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Standard Panel Info

Our Standard Log Home Balcony/ Staircase Panels are flat panels with a design cut out of it. The panel you will receive will be just as pictured. They are cut from 3/16 thick pickled and oiled steel plate. About the thickness of three quarters stacked up(three 25 cent pieces). They are powder coated in a low gloss mini textured exterior black finish.

Bordered Panel Info

Our Bordered Metal Balcony Panels are our Standard Panels with a 3/16 X 2 inch flat metal welded perpendicular to the panel around the outside with screw holes placed along it's length and end plates for easy mounting. If you order a 30 X 60 bordered panel the overall height will be 30 inches the overall length will be 60 inches.

Easy Fit Railing Panels

Our Easy Fit Railings arrive complete and ready to install between your posts.

We use 1 x 2 inch rectangular steel tubing as your toe rail; a 30 inch Standard Panel, and a 1 x 2 inch rectangular steel tubing as your top rail and 2 inch wide end plates with screw holes.  The total height when mounted 4 inches off the floor is 36 inches tall. 

The Easy Fit Railings can be custom ordered almost any height or length.

Contact us to discuss your custom needs. We greatly appreciate it when customers send us pictures of their installed panels.

Staircase Panels

The Staircase Panels here are custom created and are only samples of what we have done for other customers. It would be unusual for your staircase panel to be the same measurements as the ones listed. These are listed just to give you an idea of the price and design of our staircase panels.

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